The design of Hanzo emphasizes the retro industrial style instead of the feeling of the future brought by the cutting-edge modern technology. A mechanical keyboard is like a mechanical watch, a vintage car. It is not a product made by advanced technology, instead, it traces back to the aesthetics and mechanics of the past. In a new era, we are picking them back! We are trying to revive the beauty of the good old days: rivets, knobs, rough lines ... these are the industrial aesthetics of Hanzo.

One of the core elements of the products in the industrial era is refit. Many components of Hanzo, including the top cases, rivets, knobs, kickstand, can be easily detached and installed back, which provides various possibilities.

The first batch of Shurikey Hanzo comes with an extra detachable top case. This option will give your Hanzo three different sets of appearances. In the future, we will come up with more interesting detachable components.

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, Shurikey Hanzo supports connecting three devices at the same time and being switched easily. The built-in large- capacity lithium battery ensures the tremendously long using hours.

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